Friday, July 4, 2008

The World is Changing!!!! ATTENTION!!!

The New Format - Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes..

Time Sinks is undergoing a genre and format change in the near future. In the eternal struggle to be completely released from shitty programmers, this game is moving on to a MUSH format. When this change occurs, we will also be moving away from the Pokemon genre. Yeah, QQ fanboy. We're tired of it. :P Well, not completely tired of it. Pokemon in a different description will be offered as a race or morphic race along with furry creatures. I suppose I should clarify things.

The New Theme

The theme of the game will NOT be pokemon. It will not be digimon. It will not be x-men or superman or warcraft or anything else copyrighted by someone else. It's going to be our own fun concoction. Things change in the world and we've moved so far down the Pokemon pipeline that we've finally reached the sewer of the genre. It's time to change.

The world is a strange place. From the center of the universe we have a shack broken in places, but standing strong. The Black Moon Inn. It is settled directly beneath the apex of the moon itself. Except for a few small differences. There are three seperate 'worlds' in which the denizens of this Earth live.

The Eternal Realm

Believe it or not, the gods and angels exist. There is but one supreme god, of course, but there are other gods that the people believe in that associate with our one god. This theology is NOT meant to be an expression of the real world, no. This is our world. The angels, subgods, servants of gods, and headwiz live in the eternal realm and flow freely between all the worlds. Doing good and evil as they will. Mostly evil. Since good is lazy and smokes too much ganja.

The Modern Realm -

As modern as you can get in a 1950's sort of fashion. The world is all innocent and formal and mechanical. There are some factions of fascism, communism, and republicanism. Even Imperialism, as there is one land that has a queen and/or king. Who that is, we don't yet know. Travel is relatively fast, the cars are steam or electric powered (since in OUR world we don't worry about global freaking warming), and the structures are in ancient or post-modern design. It's all very faboo.

The Magic Realm -

This is where time stopped in the medieval age. Machines are universally thought of as interesting toys for the rich, but rarely used for daily problems. Beyond a water pump and semi-modern plumbing there's no other devices. Magic flows and the older races spend their time here in this realm with the courtly (or not so courtly) humans amongst the trees. Humans breed like flies and live shorter lives than the elder races, but they don't overrun the countryside as one would expect because of man's tendency to war. Evil has a STRONG influence here. Since good comes from much lighter things and life here can be so very hard for those not born to wealth.

Between these three realms are gateways and rifts. Some require a quest to pass, some are free but drop you in unknown places, and some are controlled by evil forces. There are also those who would throw a person into a new realm completely changed of body (for example: a human turned into one of the elder races and dropped into the middle of a busy trial). It would behoove people to not piss off the gods.

Let it also be declared that entry into the Eternal Realm would take death for most everyone except the godly set. And perhaps, if you're lucky, rebirth.

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