Monday, July 21, 2008

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Welcome to TimeSinks and the Black Moon Inn. You'll find that this place is as full of strange twists as any you have explored. The world, you see, is split into three different realms of dimensional existence. And these three worlds are separated by tears in the fabric of reality. Try 'news history' if you need to understand the background of these rifts. These three dimensional realms are explained as follows:

The Etherial Realm
This world is where one goes when one dies. But it's more than that. Those that are UNdead, such as zombies or vampires, visit this realm before they are sent back to live in bodies that are dead, but are functional. Gods, angels, demons, and their creatures populate this realm and for the most part are free to roam anywhere the rifts will take them. Ghosts and spirits are also allowed to live in this realm under limited access as long as they are actively haunting a living person in one of the other realms. If they have no purpose to their existence, it is assumed that they will rejoin the ether in happy eternity.

The Medieval (Magical) Realm
This is the dimension where magic never died. Machines have been reduced to foppish toys for the rich and basic plumbing. Tinkers might come up with useful inventions from time to time, but beyond making a bridge span there appears to be very little in the way of modernity. The world is wood and stone. Elder Races such as the Elven, Dwarvish, Gnomish, Pixies, Nymphs, and Dryads populate most of the outlying reaches of this world. Their human cousins populate the most sprawling of areas, even as small as that sprawl is by modern comparison. Kings with their Queens rule the lands in this realm. Smaller Dukes, Barons, and Knights are known to keep court when not in the active occupation of taking lands from other Nobility via war or occupation. Primitive as this world is, the magic is very strong and exists in everyday life as common as breathing. Well accepted even by humans with no magic talent whatsoever (as most humans are NOT magically inclined).

The Modern (Machine) Realm
This is the dimension where magic faded and science came to the forefront. The Elder Races have either hidden themselves away, bred out their characteristics with humans, or fled through the rifts long before today. Humans are the dominant race with a smattering of scientifically created creatures and mutations. Machinery is a part of everyday life. Art-deco and Victorian combined, most power is electric or steam and is apparent everywhere you look. Zeppelins pepper the sky, trams running on wires above and tracks below, Electric Carriages (or Cars) bouncing along on cobbled roads. It is, to most standards, both comfortably primitive and technologically advanced all at once. With modern inventions and modern medicine the people have sprawled out over the countryside, covering it in houses, cobbled roads, and mini-malls. The cities themselves are glorious metallic creations with skyscrapers that compete for sightseer glory surrounded by urban areas that stretch out like the body and arms of an octopus. Ending in ordered suburbs on linear streets. Rural, if there is such a thing, happens between massive machine run farms.

See 'news species' to see what species are acceptable in each realm.

See 'news request' to find out how to request a character of your own.

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