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Wish people could flip the double eagles more often. Might save money on expensive therapy sessions.

Monday, July 21, 2008

History!! So far...

At one time the world was innocent and practically perfect. All the species of the world, large and small, lived in peaceful harmony among rich forests, wide open plains, clear clean waters, and tall snow-capped mountains. Magic and machinery worked together, hand-in-hand, without a break between the two. In this ancient time machinery was made to enhance magic and magic made to enhance machinery. This time was abundant and lasted for nearly 10,000 years. Nearly.

In a smallish city a young man named Nikola created a science project for his advanced school graduation grade. This project was to send him into the university of his choice, the top school in the biggest city in all the world, Alys Metro Collegium. He had been working towards this moment since his primary science class exactly ten years previous. Nikola called his creation the Oscillating Atmospheric Conduit. Basically, a way to power even the most rural areas with a stream of energy from a central source without using wires. Citing many of his forebears in the field, Nikola demonstrated with calculations down to the last number that his creation would work without causing harm to anyone or anything. Gods forbid he manage to harm the paint job in the school's freshly built gymnasium. Surrounded by family, friends, and a cadre of beaming professors Nikola put on his reading glasses and reached casually to the side to flip the switch that would make his power system remotely power several small towns where his cohorts were waiting with their recieving equipment. Once they had sent messages through radio contact that the project was a success, Nikola would open a bottle of sparkling wine tucked in his knapsack for this occasion.

At first it seemed as if nothing had happened. Nikola had, of course, accounted for the seeming downtime in his calculations. The power had to have a moment to build before it went out over the conduits his machine was creating in front of everyone's eager eyes. For it was widely known that young Nikola could change everything they know about energy dispensation and generation with this one machine. Money men watched salivating, scholars watched with pencils poised over notepads, his peers watched with admiration tinged with a sneer of mocking humor (everyone both loved and hated the strange aloof geek). Nikola could almost taste his sparkling wine even as he skimmed the crowd with a smile of exuberance frozen on his face. The machine began to give off a soft whine that became louder as time progressed. After a few moments some had to put items down to place hands over their ears. Nikola plugged his with a pair of little foam stoppers he'd placed in his pocket for just this occasion. The young man chuckled without making a sound and lifted his finger to indicate when the humming would stop and the action would begin.

And then all hell broke loose. The machine, instead of powering up gradually, sent intense beams of pure energy along it's self made conduits, burning holes in the building and several of the people who were standing in the way. All around the oscillating machine the air began to waver and wobble, turning a shadowed color and then blinking into bright intensity. The crowd began to screech and scramble for the exits while young Nikola stared into his creation. Just as the sounds died down and the building was flickering into non-existence, came a sigh and a soft whisper from young Nikola,


The world was cut in half that day. Not in half physically, but dimensionally. The machine that Nikola had powered cut massive holes in the fabric of time itself. Almost every machine known to exist was blown to pieces and many millions of people lost their lives in the resulting backlash. Since nature abhors a vaccuum, many areas that simply ceased to exist filled in with crushing swiftness, killing everything in the way in the process. A great mountain range rose even while the energy ripped through the atmosphere and destroyed anything that wasn't somehow protected. On the other side of the planet entire cities were laid barren, wiped off the map in a fraction of a second. Nikola was from that day forward given the sad moniker: Nikola the Destroyer. Great and small rifts opened up in the fabric of reality, connecting the two seperated dimensions in places where the energy build up was the greatest.

In time the world repopulated and Nikola the Destroyer was forgotten by most all except the most dusty of ancient researchers. Eventually even the rifts themselves were, for the most part, forgotten by normal folk. So few people living there were to be interested in them. The Oscillating Atmospheric Conduit and it's creator were forgotten in the dark mists of time as the two worlds began to go their seperate ways. Only those who have gleaned the truth from ancient writings, dusty hints, and sparse clues have figured out the truth of Nikola the Destroyer. And their ideas were attributed to a variety of brain illnesses and demonic posessions. As the people of the world began to repopulate their planet on both sides of these rifts it became harder and harder to avoid them and what they could mean for the future.

In one world the original magic never wavered. It has become stronger over time with the addition of strange mixed species along with the hardy humans of the world. Ancient races preferred this side of the rifts and live here almost exclusively. Machines are few and far between. Beyond the basics of water pumps and indoor plumbing machines have taken a backseat to the workings of magic and medieval technology. The world is separated into feifdoms and kingdoms, forests stand tall between them and any cities are well walled to keep out warring neighbors. The creatures here freely use what magic they have and even some humans have learned the ancient arts to aid their liege lords and ladies.

On the other side of the rifts, the mechanical world became more advanced. Although the people hesitated to take their machines beyond a certain level. Petroleum products were eschewed as somehow dirty or profane, the world tended to a cleaner way of life. Powering their various machines with electricity from giant windmills, ocean wave generators, dams, steam engines and from machines themselves working perpetually. The style froze on a sort of Victorian mindset with all it's velvet and fine mahogany, but the science continued to grow to send men to the moon in shining rocket ships. Skyscrapers abound in the many large cities, surrounded by masses of urban sprawl and suburbs that stretch over hundreds of miles in some cases. There are few villages that are cut off from modern science.

Between these two worlds are the rifts created by Nikola the Destroyer so far in the past that most have been grown over, built over, or simply forgotten in the wilds. A couple are used for nefarious or religious purpose, of course, but these are very well guarded by those that tend them. Upon coming across a rift you must ask yourself if you are ready to launch yourself into a world that may hold your doppelganger. Or perhaps a person you knew who has gone on one side and still exists on another. The dimensional change can be fairly life altering. Especially if one steps through into the Etherial.

See 'news theme' to get a synopsis of each realm.

See 'news species' to find out what species are allowed in each realm.

See 'news request' to find out how to request a character of your own.

Theme! So far..

Welcome to TimeSinks and the Black Moon Inn. You'll find that this place is as full of strange twists as any you have explored. The world, you see, is split into three different realms of dimensional existence. And these three worlds are separated by tears in the fabric of reality. Try 'news history' if you need to understand the background of these rifts. These three dimensional realms are explained as follows:

The Etherial Realm
This world is where one goes when one dies. But it's more than that. Those that are UNdead, such as zombies or vampires, visit this realm before they are sent back to live in bodies that are dead, but are functional. Gods, angels, demons, and their creatures populate this realm and for the most part are free to roam anywhere the rifts will take them. Ghosts and spirits are also allowed to live in this realm under limited access as long as they are actively haunting a living person in one of the other realms. If they have no purpose to their existence, it is assumed that they will rejoin the ether in happy eternity.

The Medieval (Magical) Realm
This is the dimension where magic never died. Machines have been reduced to foppish toys for the rich and basic plumbing. Tinkers might come up with useful inventions from time to time, but beyond making a bridge span there appears to be very little in the way of modernity. The world is wood and stone. Elder Races such as the Elven, Dwarvish, Gnomish, Pixies, Nymphs, and Dryads populate most of the outlying reaches of this world. Their human cousins populate the most sprawling of areas, even as small as that sprawl is by modern comparison. Kings with their Queens rule the lands in this realm. Smaller Dukes, Barons, and Knights are known to keep court when not in the active occupation of taking lands from other Nobility via war or occupation. Primitive as this world is, the magic is very strong and exists in everyday life as common as breathing. Well accepted even by humans with no magic talent whatsoever (as most humans are NOT magically inclined).

The Modern (Machine) Realm
This is the dimension where magic faded and science came to the forefront. The Elder Races have either hidden themselves away, bred out their characteristics with humans, or fled through the rifts long before today. Humans are the dominant race with a smattering of scientifically created creatures and mutations. Machinery is a part of everyday life. Art-deco and Victorian combined, most power is electric or steam and is apparent everywhere you look. Zeppelins pepper the sky, trams running on wires above and tracks below, Electric Carriages (or Cars) bouncing along on cobbled roads. It is, to most standards, both comfortably primitive and technologically advanced all at once. With modern inventions and modern medicine the people have sprawled out over the countryside, covering it in houses, cobbled roads, and mini-malls. The cities themselves are glorious metallic creations with skyscrapers that compete for sightseer glory surrounded by urban areas that stretch out like the body and arms of an octopus. Ending in ordered suburbs on linear streets. Rural, if there is such a thing, happens between massive machine run farms.

See 'news species' to see what species are acceptable in each realm.

See 'news request' to find out how to request a character of your own.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Zen of Races

The Allowable Races in each Realm!

This is a tough one. Considering how many loopholes you could conceivably open to powergaming and godmoding with just about any offshoot of mythos. The only thing that's completely disallowed is Aliens. But most of you knew that. Here's the list so far:

Eternal Realm

Angels, Demons, Archangels, Demigods, satan, god, and wizards. That's in with the 'wizard' setting, not actual wizards with wands and stuff. These go without saying as this is the realm of your headwiz and all the staff.

Ghosts and Spirits also inhabit this realm and can flow freely from one place to another without any ties. The dead are allowed to remain dead as long as they haunt someone in the IC world on a regular basis and stay out of the wizard's areas. Those that are Ghosts and Spirits have the option of being 'reborn' into another life with or without remembering the previous and interim time. They also have the option of being created Vampires or Zombies if their history calls for it. Or if they begged god/satan to give them eternal life by sucking the life out of someone else. You know, there's a bit of leeway here. But if we catch you godmodding or powergaming with what you're given, you're back to ghost again. ;)

Please note that Vampires and Zombies are NOT allowed into the Eternal Realms once created because of their nature.

Modern (1950's) Realm

Humans (the ubiquitous constant)
Zombies - As in undead in old horror movies or partially dead from voodoo.
Light Psychics - As in gypsies or fakirs of any allowable race. Not jedis.
Cyborgs - As in the movie Metropolis or partially so. Stylized 50's.
Furries - As in the Island of Dr. Moreau (Not Moeru, he'll eat you).
Meta-Humans - As in SCIENCE! Because Michael wills it so.
Vampires - Historical. Modern Vampires can NOT be nobility unless varifiably elvish or partially elvish.
Werebeasts - With non-mythical animals ONRY.
Pokemon/Digimon and Pokemon/Digimon Morphics - Created by science in laboratories to please the rich. These must be pre-approved!!
The Blob - Coming to a theater near you! Slowly.

Medieval Magical Realm

Humans (they're everywhere, aren't they?)
Meta-Humans - Created by elder races ONRY. A pixie or druid healer, perhaps.
Elder Races - Elves, Pixies, Faeries, Orcs, Gigas, Dwarves, Gnomes, etc. Those wanting Nobility must be pre-approved.
Elves align with good and evil, Pixies align with elements, Faeries align with seasons, Dryads align with Trees, Hamadryads align with bodies of water. If there is any question of where the power of an elder race lies, please see god (the headwiz).

Sentient Animals - As in Salem, Sabrina's cat. These may be magical beasts as well.
Mythical Animals - Dragons, Unicorns, Griffons, etc. These must be pre-approved.
Vampires - Of the older variety. Those wanting Nobility must be elvish as well.
Werebeasts - Including mythical animals.
Mythical Furries - Sort of like werebeasts that can't turn human or true animal.

Changes will come as necessary. :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

The World is Changing!!!! ATTENTION!!!

The New Format - Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes..

Time Sinks is undergoing a genre and format change in the near future. In the eternal struggle to be completely released from shitty programmers, this game is moving on to a MUSH format. When this change occurs, we will also be moving away from the Pokemon genre. Yeah, QQ fanboy. We're tired of it. :P Well, not completely tired of it. Pokemon in a different description will be offered as a race or morphic race along with furry creatures. I suppose I should clarify things.

The New Theme

The theme of the game will NOT be pokemon. It will not be digimon. It will not be x-men or superman or warcraft or anything else copyrighted by someone else. It's going to be our own fun concoction. Things change in the world and we've moved so far down the Pokemon pipeline that we've finally reached the sewer of the genre. It's time to change.

The world is a strange place. From the center of the universe we have a shack broken in places, but standing strong. The Black Moon Inn. It is settled directly beneath the apex of the moon itself. Except for a few small differences. There are three seperate 'worlds' in which the denizens of this Earth live.

The Eternal Realm

Believe it or not, the gods and angels exist. There is but one supreme god, of course, but there are other gods that the people believe in that associate with our one god. This theology is NOT meant to be an expression of the real world, no. This is our world. The angels, subgods, servants of gods, and headwiz live in the eternal realm and flow freely between all the worlds. Doing good and evil as they will. Mostly evil. Since good is lazy and smokes too much ganja.

The Modern Realm -

As modern as you can get in a 1950's sort of fashion. The world is all innocent and formal and mechanical. There are some factions of fascism, communism, and republicanism. Even Imperialism, as there is one land that has a queen and/or king. Who that is, we don't yet know. Travel is relatively fast, the cars are steam or electric powered (since in OUR world we don't worry about global freaking warming), and the structures are in ancient or post-modern design. It's all very faboo.

The Magic Realm -

This is where time stopped in the medieval age. Machines are universally thought of as interesting toys for the rich, but rarely used for daily problems. Beyond a water pump and semi-modern plumbing there's no other devices. Magic flows and the older races spend their time here in this realm with the courtly (or not so courtly) humans amongst the trees. Humans breed like flies and live shorter lives than the elder races, but they don't overrun the countryside as one would expect because of man's tendency to war. Evil has a STRONG influence here. Since good comes from much lighter things and life here can be so very hard for those not born to wealth.

Between these three realms are gateways and rifts. Some require a quest to pass, some are free but drop you in unknown places, and some are controlled by evil forces. There are also those who would throw a person into a new realm completely changed of body (for example: a human turned into one of the elder races and dropped into the middle of a busy trial). It would behoove people to not piss off the gods.

Let it also be declared that entry into the Eternal Realm would take death for most everyone except the godly set. And perhaps, if you're lucky, rebirth.